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Koko's Kritter of the Week Winner - Fingers


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Please join in me congratulating Steve and his adorable Boston terrier Alfie. Looks like his mouth is bigger than his stomach.  :D:nana :nana


:Congrats: :Congrats: :Congrats: :Congrats: :Congrats:



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Congratulations Steve!!!!! Alfie is sooooooo ADORABLE!!!!!!!!! How long have you had him?????

Thanks Dawn!! Alfie is a kind of family dog he spend a lot of time at my daughters house as my old dog Codey didn't like other dogs!....I sadly lost Codey recently so Alfie spends a lot more time at home now!!

What a goofball.


Congrats :)

Thank you Fish of Gold!! he is a crazy guy!!  

Congrats, Steve, that's a great photo! :clapping:

Thanks Mr.B!!!...he saw my granddaughter on her swing and went crazy!!... Lol.
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Congrats on the great pic and for having such a silly pooper dog :-)

 Thanks Niki!! he is that and some!! 

Congrats! Awesome picture. :nana

Thank you Jenzar!!!!  

Grats Steve! Feed that dog, he's hungry!

Thanks Rob! You would be surprised how much that little guy eats!!!!! =-O
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Nice pic.


  Thanks Mr Hyde!!!!!

:rofl those Boston's are full of craziness :krazy: this picture represents them well! :teehee


Thanks Aubrey!!... he is a bundle of fun!!
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