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Where did you get your goldfish?

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My 4 came from 2 different local mom and pop stores, 2 from each one.

2 of them are just behemoths that are growing rapidly and putting on serious "bulk" extremely quickly.

Perfect health, the only problem is one likes to be a bit of a bully and the other one actually takes up for the two smaller fish. So the two big ones have a disagreement every time A-hole(yes that's his name unless the kids are around then it's Bully) picks on the little ones... cause then Choji jumps in and picks on A-hole.

The other two however are Lily the small ryukin, she was one of the first fish I got but all the rest have outgrown her.

And Obito, he was the last fish and already starting to outgrow lily.

Lily acted sickly at the store but something about her just pulled my heart strings and I had to take my chances..

She has a "quirk" in her tail and both of her gill covers are flipped up the wrong way leaving her gills perma exposed. And sure enough she spent twice the time in quarantine because she would "top sit" and show clamped fins, and constipation signs...

Once she finally came out of quarantine though she has been happy and super healthy but does still show some early tell tell signs of swimbladder.

Obito is the happiest and most excitable fish I have but had what looked like a small tumor pop up, then go away.

The funny part is one perfectly healthy and one iffy fish came from each store :P

The ones on the left from local shop A, the ones on the right from local shop B


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I have 2 currently, a Lion head named "Chu" and a little odd ball "Chantel"


Chu came from walmart 


and Chantel I had no plans on buying any fish from Petsmart that day, but I seen her and HAD to have her, she is an obvious cross of single tail and a moor.

she is black/coppery black, thin bodied and single tailed like a common but has the telescope eye of a moor.


I hope she looses a bit more of her black and turns either more copper colored or orange all together <3


I was so worried as the trip home she was looking sluggish and clamped fins. but I put her into a plastic tote and medicated her and she is perky and lively little thing

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