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Goldfish Fainting?


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Hello everyone!


My ryukin lives in a 20 gallon long that is filtered and aerated, cycled, temp at 80F in summer months. I test the water every 2 days and everything looks pretty good- Ammonia: 0 Nitrites: 0 Nitrates: 10ppm. She eats very well, loves attention from her humans, and is constantly exploring.

The only thing thats off is she seems to "faint" a lot. She'll be swimming along and then slow down and will stop moving her fins or body, just sort of float there for a few seconds. Then she takes off again and so on. 


She doesnt have any other signs of illness- everything is normal. What do you think could be wrong with her?


Thanks so much!!

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good news- she seems to have stopped this behaviour. Could have been she didn't rest well enough last night as the lights in the room were on (no one was home to turn them off) but looks like everything okay :) thanks so much for the replies! 

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