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Goldfish eggs!

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hey everyone so as some of you know we have had a heron taking our fish from our pond which led me to bring in the last two fancies yesterday and hope for the best for the other goldfish. After I moved the two fancy goldfish inside 1 visibly a male oranda and one visibly a female fantail I did about a 90% water change and fed them some gel food. Well early this morning when I was meant to be in bed but I was on my computer on kokos  :teehee I turned round and looked at my goldfish tank in my room and saw the calico female fantail from the pond getting chased by one of my smaller goldfish from inside who is a red and white oranda and occasionally the oranda from the pond joined in but he was getting brutally harassed by one of my other female goldfish :(. I then go to bed and hope for the best (that they lay eggs) I wake up and turn on the filters and open my curtains and there are eggs all over the terracotta pots and in the sand. I used a mini pipette and manage to save over 40 eggs and put them in a container away from the fancy goldfish. I am no means an expert at raising fry but over the past two years the pond goldfish have spawned and I have hatched the eggs and cared for the fry but I don't say I bred them which is why there was never any threads about any goldfish that have bred whilst I have cared for them :). Sorry for bad pics guys :(


Anyway here are some pics of the eggs :)




The mum :)








The likely father :)






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Mum fish is very pretty! I can't wait to see how the babies turn out

Thanks the green water in the pond really brought out her black but the pictures don't do any justice to either fish :(

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Congrats!  That first fish is a really cool looking Calico.  I like how it's mostly black and white :)

Thank you I was watching the fish again and it seems my ranchu may be a father to the fry as well :D

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I'm now sad to say all but 1 egg are infertile or have fungus so I have removed the healthy egg and there is also another egg that I have removed to another container that may also be fertile but this is really bad news for me :(

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