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Cleaning out earthworms to feed to your Goldfish


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Hi all :)


This isn't my idea, I came across it a few days ago whilst surfing the net and tried it out yesterday with 100% success!


Get the amount of live garden worms that you want to feed to your goldies and rinse them all off in tap water. Then use something like an old

butter or margarine container (or Tuppaware if your better half doesn't mind :) ) and put a clean wetted paper tissue on the bottom, put the cleaned worms in and then another couple of wetted tissues on top and put the lid on.


Set them aside for 24 hours.


Then when you take the lid off you'll be amazed at how dirty the white tissues are because the worms will have completely cleaned themselves out. They will look like 'strings of  top grade rump steak' completely free of sand, soil and worm poo.


Then when you cut them up (with scissors or a razor blade whatever you're comfortable using) or whole if they are small and your fish are large there will be no mess in your tank :)

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