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New tank- slime coat or parasite?

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I upgraded to a 20g today and about three hours later I noticed a kind of film/thread on my little Trez. He (she is really a female) has not been exposed to other fish/fish water/plants other than my own tap water since I got him in October 2014.  My upgrade included putting my old media in my new filter with the new filter cartridge. My new filter is a marineland bio-wheel that runs 150gph. I have about a half-inch layer of gravel in the tank. I use Prime and I always use aq. salt with my water changes which is why the ammonia has me so nervous. There are also two air stones and a silk plant in the tank. 
I don't have all of my tap parameters but my tap PH is 8.8
Tank PH: 7.6 (High Range is 7.4?) 
Tank Ammonia is 0.25ppm
Tank Nitrite is 0ppm
Tank Nitrate is 5.0ppm


I have a picture of the "thread" thing. I circled it in the second copy:






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