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Strange Question about Prime

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Hi Again - The directions on the Fluke & Tapeworm Tablets (Blue Planet) bottle say a 25% water change after 2 days. Do you think it would matter if I did a 90% water change?


Also it says to repeat the treatment in 7 days, that I can do; but looking at the Prazi schedule on this website there are many more treatments. After day one there is another treatment on days: 6, 11, 16, 21, 26. Did you do all these treatments?


I am concerned I will overdose the fish - thanks again

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For my main tank I normally dose 2-3 times for their routine treatments, a week a part and just do it with their normal water changes.


When I'm Doing treatments on new fish in QT I dose every 3-4 days with prime added in between water changes, because I didn't like to go too long without water change in QT


For the first time I dosed my main tank I followed the schedule for 5 day rounds here

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