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My Community Tank


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I have a 20 gallon long tropical community :) I still need to get some good full tank shots, but I have some nice photos of the individual fish!


The stock:

3x female betta (Pearl, Violet, and Isabel)

5x neon tetra (unnamed)

3x platy (Sunrise, Sushi, and Mango)

5x guppy (Spot, No-Spot, and three unnamed)

And there were 4 ghost shrimp, but I think they got eaten  :yikes













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Thank you guys :) 


Here's a tank photo:


The water is not usually that low, ignore that.

No live plants in the tank (except pothos and spider plants in the hob) but I'm thinking about putting a couple potted ones in. For now it's all artificial :)

Might not look so pretty, but I designed it for the fish not the people! :P 

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