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How do you tell if a belly is "mushy"?


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Hi all, 


As you know, my ribbontail Duchess has not been improving very quickly on Prazi. Today her tail has become more flushed with inflamed capillaries, and during a big water change, I took her out of the tank to avoid stressing her with all of the splashing (I use buckets, alas). I decided to test her belly since I've heard that that's a since of an internal bacterial infection, and I'm not sure what counts as "mushy" since I have never tested a goldfish belly before. 


Her belly didn't feel "hard." Instead, it was kind of like a softer rubber that bounced back when I pressed it gently but didn't feel super firm. Is this a mushy belly? 

If this is a mushy belly, I'd like advice how to treat it and if I should continue with Prazi. She just finished Round 4 and has uncontrolled swimming, knocked off scales, and some bottom sitting :(


Here are some pictures from above. 





Her tank parameters are perfect: 0 ppm ammonia, nitrites, and nitrates; pH 8.0 (buffered with GoldBuffer); I use Prime and Flourish Comprehensive and Excel in addition to the buffer; she has been at .1% salt concentration with a normal amount of prime (.5 tsp per 10 gallons, and she lives alone in a 30 gallon tank with some plants and a piece of very boiled driftwood). Tap water parameters are 0 with a 7.0 pH. 


Please help! I have a number of antibiotics on hand: Kanaplex, Metroplex, Triple Sulfa, the Maracyns, Furan-2



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Her tail looks like the normal tail of an adult ribbon tail goldfish to me. More veins become visible in ribbon tails and veil tails with aging, but it's pretty normal. :idont


If the belly bounced back instantly, that's a good sign... The mods will have to advise you on what to do about the bottom sitting, though..

The prazi shouldn't be making her that upset in the fourth round..

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