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LB - my little genius


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Three years ago, on March 1st, I was doing a water change. I noticed Poole and New Fish, my big Common and Ryukin, were frantically swimming near the overflow. I thought it was just a "feed me" dance (and didn't think it could be what it turned out to be, having just seen breeding stars on New Fish, and foolishly thinking that Poole just didn't have easily visible ones), but something compelled me to look in the overflow. That's when I saw LB and her sibling who I wasn't quick enough to save. I scooped her into a jelly jar until I could set up a baby tank (yay Koko's!)



Judging from the picture, I had to assume she was at least two weeks old.


Over the next two nights, I saved a few more siblings who had just started free swimming from  the overflow.




(The "Magnificent Seven" - LB, Cleo, Pongo, Goldie, Howard, and Banner)




After a week, we had pulled 61 babies out of the main tank (an accident unfortunately occurred during a water change involving LB figuring out how to get past the divider that separated her from her "eyelash" siblings). By the end of April, we had 39 babies who were being readied to go to new homes in Summer mosquito abatement ponds. The Magnificent Seven stayed with us for most of their lives. They were moved into their own grow out tank (by this time, I had more tanks in the house than I ever thought I would).




At my mom's insistence (the tanks were getting to be a bit much for her), once the babies were bigger, Four of the Magnificent Seven (LB, Cleo, Pongo, and Howard) went to live with their mom and dad who immediately nuzzled them and guarded them from the "evil syphon". New Fish seemed to like them the most.



Poole with LB (the only good picture I have of the two of them).


After Poole passed, New Fish stopped eating, even though he was in good health. My mom and I were out getting fish supplies at our LFS when we were shown Izzy, a female who had been surrendered. We ended up bringing her home to the quarantine tank before adding her in. The kids accepted her right away, but New Fish took about six months to finally accept her completely.




(Izzy also taught them how to pull up the bubbler, plants, and how to knock over the Avengers decorations - Something New Fish never took part in and something that the kids never did until Izzy came in)




Eventually, most of the fish were rehomed, and we just had LB, Banner, New Fish and Izzy. LB spent a lot of time with her dad who was starting to slow down.



LB (up until her recent illness) was not much of a bottom sitter - unless her dad was resting at the bottom, in which case she would lie next to him. This happened on the day he died as well, and she tried to right him multiple times (according to my mom - I was on my way home from work when I got the call) after he passed. She also went after my hand when I pulled his body out (he had outgrown the net), which is something she never did.



Last picture of the four of them together


Now we have LB's most recent picture (outside of vet care pictures)



She's my (not so) little genius and has figured out ways to eat trapdoor snails (possibly genetic as her mom had figured out how to open the clams we attempted to use in their tank) and most recently she has learned ways to evade the net for shots (including using Izzy, who is not as smart, as a piscine shield).


Even though she sometimes seems to be too smart for her own good, I wouldn't have her any other way.

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I have a fish who is much too smart for her own good. I also would not have her any other way, it's what makes her... her. :heart

I'm sorry for both your losses.. Fish seem really upset when a fellow fish is unwell. When I introduced my most recent fish, she did not feel well (mainly stress, she's fine now) and sat on the sand while my two girls would hovered over her constantly. :blush:

You have very lovely fish, I hope to see more photos! :D I'm sure we would all welcome it... Fish pics are very very encouraged here. :ehh

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