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Dropsy D:

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That's great news.  Did it cure with just the Epsom Salt and the Metronidazole food or did you feed the Kanamycin food as well?  How many days did you end up feeding the medicated food?

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it got cured with the epsom salt and Metronidazole food at 80F ish for 14 days. it was in a 10 gal tank so i changed water everyday. Feed the metro food 2 times a day. in the morning when i left for work and when i got back from work. Then started the kanacyn food for as advised in the back of the food. Since it was a small tank, i added her back to the main tank yesterday at night after she finished eating her food as she has been trying to swim around. Today looks like shes able to swim with no problem. buoyancy is getting better than when she was in the small tank. 


i was afraid i was going to lose her as in the past when we had fancy goldfish, we weren't aware of the things that need to be done in order to take care of them. The maintenance and water levels they need to live healthy and happy. 


Only concern is she now looks like she has a small tummy compared to the other two.FYI she should be the oldest one as i bough her pretty big compared to the other two.


But other than that. Dropsy has been Defeated !!! :D

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