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What is in Spooky's nostril?


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Api freshwater liquid

Amonia 0 ppm

Nitrite 0 ppm

Nitrate 0 ppm

Ph 7.6

Last water change at 50% was Tuesday

60 gallon tank

2 aquaclear 70 filters

7 fish (tails included in measurments)

6 inch

5 inch

4.5 inch

3.75 inch

3 inch

2.75 inch

2.5 inch

I have an led light which makes green algae possible. I let it grow hoping my goldies would graze on it. It might sound crazy, but I think there is algae growing out of the nostril on one of my fish. It is fine in every other way. Eats, poops, and swims normally. Is there anything I can do? Can I get rid of it safely? Thank you for any and all help.


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Omg! I saw this on IG :o i hope all is well with Spooky :hug

I'm sorry I cannot be more help

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Hey! Nice to see you on here love! :D I hope what ever Spooky got in his nose is an easy fix!! :hug

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It's a little hard to tell from the picture.  You don't have black sand, do you?


Just a note to contemplate:  7 Goldfish in a 60 gallon is very overstocked and is likely to lead to health issues.

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