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How many snails are to many?


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Mystery snails I'd calculate at 3gal/snail nerites 1-2 gal/smail depending on type and size.

So I'd say 3-5 snails

If its fir algae control I'd go with nerites mysteries do little for that.

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I have purple apple snails, which I think are generally smaller than the yellow ones.  After two years, they were the size of ping pong balls and then promptly died.  Truthfully, I never noticed any effect on the water chemistry of the tank with or without them.  They do, however, poop a lot and I did a fair amount of poop removal with a turkey baster.  Water quality probably would have been affected if I hadn't removed all the time.


They are very beautiful and fun to watch, but rubbish at algae removal.

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