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Former lurker here!


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Hi! My name is Karli and I'm a long time lurker, first time poster! I've been using the amazing advice from this site since before I joined up. I kept meaning to post but never have until now!


I live in Utah with my husband, my mom occasionally, 9 goldies (in a couple different tanks, the largest being the 90 gallon for LB and Izzy, my giant girls who are getting an upgrade this spring to a 300), four parrots, and two anoles. I've been actively raising goldfish since 2009 (not counting my first goldfish - Cat, Kryten, and Rimmer from age 9 to 13) and I currently am treating LB, the last surviving offspring of my pair from 2009-2012 and her Step mom for Septicemia and ich (it's been an interesting spring already!).


From 2009 to 2012, I only had two goldies - a common named Poole and a Ryukin we affectionately named "New Fish". Then, On March 1st, 2012, we spotted a tiny, two week old fry in the overflow of the filter (this is LB), and thus began the adventure of raising 39 goldfish fry and sending them to friends who had mosquito abatement ponds. Poole passed from peritonitis October 11th of that year while New Fish was going through a round of shots (he never was in good health). He seemed to be very depressed, and, even after recovering from the infection he had, he refused to eat and only somewhat played with the babies who were big enough to be with him and Poole before she died. We ended up with Izzy, a fish who was surrendered from a pond keeper who didn't want her anymore, and she quickly bonded with the kids - New Fish didn't bond with her until about 6 months later.


This November, we had quite a few tragedies, losing New Fish very suddenly (the necropsy showed tumors but no sign of an infectious disease) and then shortly after, we lost LB's youngest (known) surviving brother, Banner, who  was previously in good health until his dad died. The girls were doing well until recently, but the shots the vet has us giving has both of them on the mend, finally.


The Foster is a fish who we are keeping for a friend until she gets her tank properly set up, He was brought into work one day and rescued by the same friend and myself. We also have Idris and Guy who both seem to be orandas (Guy is calico, Idris is gold). They'll eventually join the girls in the 300.


Outside of actual goldfish, I'm also creating a goldfish sim game called "Auratus Ghoti" (my avatar is the game version of LB). I'm a cartoonist and bird enthusiast and I earned a degree in Film in 2013 (I'm going back for a Business degree soon). I also create mascot costumes, but that hasn't been my main hobby in a while - my sewing machine is covered in dust)


Anyway, I just want to thank everyone in this community for every extremely helpful post! Without this site, I don't think I would've been nearly as successful with my finned kids!



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This photo is for you.

I imagine you in an adult Goldfish Mascot costume, heh. Welcome to kokos!  :hi 


Those SIM games are fun, it would be great it yours taught sound goldfish care in a video game!  I always thought it was a waste that the popular game "Guitar Hero" didn't actually improve the player's guitar skills, just their rhythm.

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:hi and :welcome

We'd love to see pics of your set ups :nana

I just adopted my first parrot about a month ago :wub: please post pics of them too :please

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Thanks for the welcomes everyone! ^v^


@aaronv801 Awesome! Glad to see other Utahns here!  


@Mysterygirl That is such a cute picture! xD The game I'm working on is a browser game akin to Lioden or Flight Rising, where, instead of collecting pets like most games in the genre, you play as the school of goldfish in an enormous pond. I'm trying to come up with ways to teach proper goldfish care while keeping everything from the fish' point of view. Right now it's mostly in the development stages (I'm more of an artist than a coder), but I recently got some coding help so I might be able to open it for Beta this year. :D


@Flipper Parrots are so much fun! Our four are three linnies and one Derbyan.



Keir (the turquoise one, turning 6 on April 1st) and Gary, the mauve female my mom got thinking he would like her (he does not).



Lily, our rescued linnie



Our Derby Girl, Gemma


And then the finned girls! I don't have any good pictures of Idris, Guy, or the Foster yet. This picture was taken moments after the girls performed their favorite activity of knocking down their Avengers toys.



Izzy and I



My baby girl LB and I

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Hello Welcome to Koko's! :)


I love your birds! They are so cute :D I used to have birds (Cockatiels, Parakeets, Zebra Finches, and Lovebirds) My dream bird that I am hoping to get some day is a White Bellied Caique :wub:  


Wow what good looking BIG fishes in those photos with you! I look forward to seeing the other fishies when you get some good pics of them ;)

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Welcome!  Big fish, lovely birds.  I love your Derbyan...ringneck type parrots are the best!  My fav is probably the plum headed parakeets though :)

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