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Demekin Eggs! HELP ME


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Just found some new demekin eggs and wondered if there's any advice anyone could give me. They were laid on Friday and I've since moved the parent fish into another tank until the fry are free swimming, at which point they will be moved to a small tank of their own. I've lowered my water level to about 6-8" and added some methylene blue. I've got two airstones running to break up the surface tension and provide water movement and oxygen for the eggs. Any advice?

I think I might keep a fry thread and document the everything that happens up until adulthood. Good idea?


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So far, so good.

Continue to keep them in about 8" water for the first few weeks.

Do you have any fry food ready? Live baby brine shrimp are best (or frozen if nothing else), spirulina/algae powder, plants/ornaments from the main tank with algae on them?
I usually start feeding them roughly 48 hours after hatching, when they start to swim free.

The air stone is a good thing too.


Other than that it is basically like with adult fish: keep the tank (tub, whatever) as clean as possible, remove uneaten food, keep the water parameters and temperature stable. You will just want to be very gentle and careful when you perform water changes.


Good luck and keep us updated! :)

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