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sudden blood streaked fins


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Hi guys! Thanks for having me aboard. I've been lurking for a while and I've heard such wonderful things about you all and could really do with your help.

I have an Oranda, Motley (3") who suddenly developed blood streaking in her usually white fins yesterday. It has got slightly worse over night, but not considerably. Her behaviour is completely normal, she's eating, pooping, swimming and begging as usual. It's just the streaking that concerns me.

(Sorry, I'm terrible at taking photos)


I have quarantined her but am at a loss as to where to go from here.

On Saturday, I lost a lionhead. She had a blood spot near her mouth that grew overnight, became very unbalanced and passed within hours. I'll attach photos of her too.


Tank parameters: 0,0,10

Tap parameters: 0,0,0

pH: 6.8 tank and tap are the same. No gh or kh readings.

I use the API freshwater master test kit.

The tank is 20c, 450 Litres.

2x Jebao 2000lph canister filters, 1200lph diy hood filter.

I perform 70% water changes every other day, last changed yesterday (70%)

10 fish in the tank, 8 are 1", 2 are 3" (Motley being one of the 3"). I do have another tank on the way.

I dose with Prime during water changes and use no other additives.

My fish are fed Saki Hikari purple bag, soilent green repashy and home made gel food. They get a pinch of Hikari in the morning, gel food in the evenings and veggies throughout the day.

No new fish, no meds ever dosed in the tank.

Thanks in advance guys :)

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Hello, welcome to Koko's! I'm sorry for the loss of your Lionhead and that your Oranda isn't feeling well. This is the perfect place to get help :) I'm sure a moderator will be here before too long to give you advice on how to help Motley. ;) Hang in there, you are in good hands!

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:hi and welcome to Kokos  :D


With the only sign being red streaked fins, I would simply observe for now.  With the activity, eating and poo all being normal, it's difficult to know if there is something going on or if it's stress or :idont


Do you have any antibiotics on hand?  I'm not sure what's available to you  . . . .  Perhaps you could look into that while we wait and observe?  I would look for metronidazole AND kanamycin, triple sulfa OR romet B.

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Hi guys. Thank you ever so much for getting back to me.

I have Kanaplex on hand and have some Repashy/Kanaplex in the freezer. I have ordered metronidazole but it won't be here for a fortnight. I don't have a very good LFS so most of my stuff has to be ordered online.

I'm trying not to worry but losing Nori has added to the concern. However, she passed within hours. Motley has been sick for longer so I'm hoping it's unlinked. The streaking has progressed but only mildly so it doesn't seem as aggressive as I feared it was going to be.

Once again, thank you ever so much. I really appreciate it

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