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Pond window!


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I just recently did a new pond rebuild into a new 600 gallon wooden construction above ground pond with a window.  Putting a window into a pond is a huge nerve wracking experience, but for me it was a must in order to be able to enjoy watching my fish - I made it 3 ft high with a fence top for safety purposes (I have a 2 year old son) so I can't really see them from above when sitting next to it.


I wanted to share with you how awesome the window looks when sitting out on the patio at night.  Its a little blurry, so hopefully you get the idea :)






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Yep, I had the window break out on my pond. But I used sliding door glass. I hope you used glass made for use with water.


Oh no!  I can't even imagine...


I'm actually using polycarbonate, not glass.  This is my second pond with a window, the first one held up nicely, and the construction on this one is much better so I'm praying to the Gods to never have to deal with breakage!

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You won't.  


That's some very impressive work.


Thank you!


That is very cool! Can we see a full shot of the pond? :D


I still have to finish some stuff and weather seal it, so its rough around the edges, but this is basically it.  The lumber is stacked in log cabin style with wood glue in the corners and screwed together with 5" deck screws, and is reinforced in each corner as well as 2 points across the front & back and 1 point on each side with 1/2" re-bar.


Its not pretty yet, but the fish are happy - and so is one of my dogs...I find him out there watching them on a regular basis  :)



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