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My Golden Adventure


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In March 2008, I decided I wanted a couple of goldfish.


By the beginning of April I had a 20 litre tank, packed with gravel and ornaments and these two







Sometime between then and May 2008 I added Google



When I bought this tank the pet shop told me I could have 5 goldfish in there. I felt that three was enough..



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In July, I upgrade my tank for the first time.



80 litres, with the standard included filter. Of course, I went out and got some more fish to fill it with



















Tiger, Cali, Google, Dally and Dollar




It was at this stage, I think I had 10 fish in there at one point, that I started seeing problems.


Spike got a fungus infection and died soon after I got him, I asked the pet store for advice and they told me to use multicure. For the next few months I'd dump that in the tank at the slightest sign of illness.


Twotone died not long after that, I was devastated and it was the first time I'd been really upset over losing a fish.


Next Abraham went, then Albie, then Dally..all just 'mysteriously died'


I had been reading about goldfish by then but still refused to believe the stocking guidelines I was reading, and only did water change when the tank looked dirty...my tank was never cycled

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I believe it was January 2011 when I upgraded again





It held 275 litres.



At this stage I was doing weekly water changes, but only 20%, and was very underfiltered and still overstocked. These are the other fish I added once I got that tank...



















Abraham (the 2nd)



Shaun (the 1st)



Shaun (the 2nd)

It was Shaun the first that made me realize that this QTing thing might have something to it...he died a couple of days after I got him, but not before spreading ich to my whole tank.


Shaun the 2nd Also died not long after I got him, in a siphon accident.



Some other pictures of how that tank looked at different times, as I learned what is good and not good. I also got a new filter at this time.



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Over the next few years, I realized there might actually be something to these stocking guidelines. I rehomed four of the ten fish I had at that stage, and was left with the 6 that I had until late last year - 

Google, Honey, Bamboo, Abraham, Tiger and Cali.



It was not long after that I found Kokos. I was scared at first because I thought if i posted people would yell at me for doing things wrong! But as I lurked and slowly started posting I began to love it :heart: I kept to my 6 fish in 275 litres, as much as I wanted to buy more, and I finally started actually applying the things I learned instead of just reading and thinking it was stupid! Once I started putting effort into getting things right I noticed such an improvement in my fish and began to enjoy fish keeping even more. I removed all the gravel and made sure to up my water changes, now no longer scared of doing large water changes regularly.


All went well in my tank, apart from a few illnesses which the awesome mods here helped me through for the next few years. I didn't lose anyone, everyone looked great and happy. I learned to make my tank look how I wanted it while also being a healthy place for my fish to live

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In August 2014, I upgrade my tank again. Now I have a 600 litre!


I started with gravel in it...



But soon decided I didn't like that. So went back to a nice simple look




I bought two new fish for my new tank, and actually went through the QT process with them! Luka and Tiny quickly swam their way into my heart



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Then, in November 2014 the most unexpected thing happened! Cali layed eggs! I was so excited to be able to try raising fry, and that in itself was a long and very steep learning curve










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Sadly, I recently experienced my first loss since the Shauns in Early 2011.


My beloved Google and Bamboo ended up with dropsy, and despite the wonderful help I received it was too much for them and they both lost the struggle.


So that is my goldfish Journey so far, I look forward to continuing it with you all, learning more and adding to my fishy family.


Over the years I think the biggest thing I've learned though, is that goldfish really do swim their way into your heart and become as much of a family member as a cat or dog...for so long before I got goldfish I never understood what was so great about them, and only got them so I could say I had owned them..Never did I think I'd end up where I am now :heart:

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You've gone through quite a bit :o

I'm sorry for your losses, but I'm glad it got you to where you are. :hug Goldfish are little water puppies. They learn our voices, our faces, even the sound of our footsteps vs. other family members! :bighug

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Fantastic blog! This was very interesting to read. You really have come a long way, keep up the good job!

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I agree--a very interesting blog! I like how frank you are about the learning curve; I also made a lot of mistakes (and still do). 

I like your tank set-up a lot, too! They have a lot of great swimming space. 

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Very enjoyable read! I can't wait to read more and see more photos :) Luka's markings are stunning!

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Well this year hasn't been a good year for my fish...after going a good 3-4 years with no deaths, I've lost 3 fish this year, First my Google, then Bamboo and now Chico has gone as well


Chico was my newest fish, I only had her for a few weeks - I got her on April 16 and she passed away on June 13. I was so excited to get her as I had wanted a nice butterfly for a long time...in the few short weeks I had her she really wriggled her way into my heart. With her tiny round body and how she waddled more than swam.


This really hurts, because it was my actions that caused her death. 

You see, A good two years ago I bought some 'feeder fish' from the pet shop, they lived in my axolotl tank for a while, but after my axolotl died I decided to just put them in my goldfish tank. For the two years they were in there, I had no problems with them...

About 3-4 weeks ago I found out these "feeder fish" Were actually rosy barbs...I read up and found they can be aggressive, and was told not good to be with goldies... but I went and did what I always tell others not to do, and went with the "I've never had any problems so it wont happen, it will be fine"


That was the worst mistake ever. Last week those barbs showed their aggressive side and attacked Chico. They bit her fins, belly, eyes and tail. From this point she went downhill very quickly, and despite the best help Chico passed away on Saturday.


The barbs have been rehomed now, and I've certainly learned my lesson, from now on my tank will be goldfish only.


I'm telling my story here to try and help others who may be like me, that just because something has been fine for however long, doesn't mean it always will be, that risk will be there.


RIP My Chico, I'm so sorry.
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Only a few days after losing Chico, on the 18th of June I went again to the Pet Shop. I wasn't planning on buying fish, but I took a look anyway, and fell in love with this little one.




She is now named Opal :heart


But as I was waiting for the pet shop assistant to bag her for me, My eyes were caught by another little one, and before I knew it I was asking for him to be bagged up as Wqgt39k.jpg



No name for this little one yet..



I am now back up to 8 fish, not including the fry, which is where I was before losing Google and Bamboo. And it's where I will stay for a while.

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So on the 2nd of October I lost my beautiful mamma fish Cali. She is deeply missed :( Had her for very close to 7 years and my tank is not going to be the same again without her. She gave me so much including beautiful babies and the joy of raising fry. I miss her so much



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In better news I've been working a lot on my pond lately. I moved Tiny, Honey and Tiger to the pond. Some of Cali and Tigers babies are still in there too.






5 days later and I think Tiny has already grown a little since been in there!

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