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Am I feeding my goldfish properly?


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hi everyone


i bought some hikari sinking pellets and my goldfish love them


i toss in a pinch or two, the goldfish eat as much as they want, then i remove what they haven't eaten



My question is, is this ok? 


I was wondering if i should lower the amount to avoid wasting food


they leave about 25% of what i give 

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The logical option would be to lower the amount you feed to match what they eat These are the reasons:


  1. You're wasting food.
  2. You're putting food into a tank, where it breaks down slowly while they eat. They are not eating all of the food. You're removing what you can see. But the excess has time to break down and foul the water. This builds up. When you do your WCs, you'll lower the amount of buildup. But, for example, wouldn't you want these WCs to be going from Nitrates at 5 to 0 instead of 10 to 5? Feeding less means they build slower, while feeding in excess makes them build faster. 
  3. Goldfish do not know when to stop. Food needs to be regulated slightly to lower the risk of constipation. Constipation can lead to many factors, including swim bladder issues. 

My biggest suggestions are as follows in regards to feeding:

  • Limit the food intake per meal to one to two mouthfuls per fish. Once they're chewing, stop feeding.
  • Weigh your fish and use that as a guideline for how much to feed in one day. It is recommended to feed 1% of the fish's bodyweight per day, spread into as many meals as possible. While this is preferable, if you don't feel you can weigh your fish use the first option. :)
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The mouthful suggestion Chelsea made is a good one.  Drop in the pellets one at a time and count how many the fish eat before they stop gobbling and settle down to chew.  That's how many pellets you should give at a feeding.  If you stop feeding when they stop to chew, any extra food will be cleaned up as soon as they swallow and go for the second mouthful.


If your fish are youngsters, you can give multiple feedings per day.  For mature fish, I would suggest that any additional daily feeding be "wet" foods, like veggies, rather than the highly concentrated pellets.  Obesity isn't good for goldfish.

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