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My Goldfish Diary


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I wanted a place to post fishy photos, pond plans, and share the daily happenings of my goldfish.. So I made this thread! 



I currently have three beautiful adult goldfish: Oliver, Goldie, and Clementine. Oliver is a black moor, Goldie is a lionhead, and Clementine is a telescope-eye. 

I am also caring for lots of fry! The eggs were laid on Tuesday the 10th and hatched today. They're so tiny and adorable! I'm excited to see them grow up. I have an infusoria culture going for them and I'll be picking up some Hikari First bites too. We always have eggs in the fridge, so they'll also get hard-boiled yolk. 

Hopefully in May I will be starting work on a pond! It's going to be a container pond with loads of plants and a nice little garden surrounding it. The fancies will be moved to that.


I will have some nice photos up soon :photo:

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The fry have started swimming! It's now almost impossible to get a proper count because they dart around so fast, but (as of yesterday) I counted at least 35. The infusoria culture isn't quite ready yet, so I'll start them on hard-boiled egg paste for now. And I threw some extra duckweed in there :)

Unfortunately I don't have a good macro lens for photographing the fry :( But yesterday was water change day, so I took the opportunity to get a couple pics of the other goldies:






And a bonus photo of one of the tetras from my community tank:


And one of the female bettas:




Also I may be acquiring a new goldfish :/ A work colleague told me (knowing I'm into aquariums) that she has a goldfish that she doesn't want anymore. She said she just got it a couple days ago, it's around an inch or two, and "it doesn't do anything." I told her that it would probably be more active and fun if she bought a larger tank (apparently she has it in a small bowl), but she just wants it gone. I told her to ask the pet store if they would take it back, but she says she already asked and they said no. 

I don't even know if it's a fancy or single-tail! I have an empty ten gallon tank already set-up and cycled that I was planning to use for tropical quarantine or maybe something new, but I guess that's where the goldie will have to go. The 10g won't be permanent - just until the pond is set-up and ready or I get my hands on a larger tank (and the space for it); whichever comes first.

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I brought home the goldfish on Tuesday :) She's a little Comet who I've dubbed 'Dazzle'. 


She seems to be enjoying being in a clean, roomy tank.


Or maybe not... Meet "Disapproving Goldfish"

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Ha ha! Let's spread it 'round the internet!!  :happydance



Dazzle is still doing well!

I was messing around with an air stone in her tank last night and stirred up a bunch of sand. Now the water is super cloudy and won't clear :( I have to do a water change tomorrow, though, so that should fix things.

Some more photos for y'all to enjoy:




Her expressions are absolutely priceless  :heart

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The fry in all their teensy adorableness:



I'm really excited! Hopefully the goldies will be getting a tank upgrade soon!! A friend offered me a second-hand tank. They're not sure on the exact size, but they think it's either a 55 or 75! I'd still like to get a pond up, but I don't know exactly when that will happen and that would only be for them to stay in during the summer anyway, so this is great :) 

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I was supposed to be getting the new tank this past weekend, but my friend's (the one who is giving me the tank) husband had to go into surgery :( So with recovery and all it might be some time. 


The stupid hob filter decided to leak and pour 15 gallons of water onto the floor while I was at work! I came home to the floor soaked and water dripping through the ceiling in the room below. The fishroom floor is pretty resilient to water damage (it has to be!) but the living room ceiling is not. It looks like someone splashed a ton of coffee across it. Ugh.


In lighter news, I gave Dazzle a pea for the first time and she happily gobbled it up  :)

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AHH!!! The new tank is here!!!!!! I picked it up today and it's so amazing and I am so happy and excited!!!!!!!!!!!! It's a SeaClear acrylic, dimensions are 60"x18"x16"

That would be a 75 gallon, but all the SeaClear 75g's I find online are taller and not as long. It's very strange... Perhaps an old retired model? 

I will have photos up within a couple hours!! 

It has scratches, but I guess that's to be expected from a used acrylic tank. Doesn't matter, I love it!  :nana  :Jig:

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