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How much money have you spent (so far) on your goldfish?


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I find that I save a lot of money on supplies and equipment on amazon.com, especially since I have a Prime membership for shipping :)

I love amazon.  there's always sales on there.


I've ordered things that are $70 in store for like $20 on amazon...

even if you don't have prime shipping, its still saves a TON of money!

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After bills and other vital expenses, almost all my money is spent on fish, fish related items, or fish related activities. I don't keep track anymore because if I did I would be upset with myself. But hey, there are worse addictions, right?  :idont

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First preformed pond liner $50

15 gallon aquarium starter kit $75?

Second preformed pond liner free

29 gallon tank, stand, cover, light, 2 aerators, 2 heaters, filter $50

Pond liner $250

Pond pump $120

Pond pump $45

Pond pump with filter $75

Pond filter $40

2 Pond filter whiskey barrels $100

2 whiskey barrel liners $100

Rain catcher used as pond filter $110

Gravel and rocks $200

Shovel $30

125 g w 2 lights and 2 filters $225

75 g with stand and filter $150

125 g stand $100

40b $40

2 20 long  $40

4 aqueon 55/75 $125

1 small filter 20

Filter media $50

Light for 75g $40

Light bulbs $30

Led light bar for 40b $60

90 g $0

Koi $20 

Goldfish $120

Plecos $30

Plants $100

Koi squirter $20

Turtle squirted $15

Air pumps $30

2 led volcano bubblers $40

Various ornaments $30

Plant dishes $25

Sand $10

Food $100+


Probably forgot a few things 

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Geezz... yeah... so I'll just list out the majors I guess...


Tanks -----------------------$375ish (110 gal, 55, gal, 20 gal)

Silicon+tools----------------$10-15 (had to reseal the 55)




Random equipment-------$250+ (includes test kits, air pumps, tubing, seachem safe, etc.)



Substrate--------------------$200+ (and now both goldie tanks are barebottom :doh11: )



Food--------------------------No clue... :yikes


Wow. That was depressing to add up :cry :cry :cry

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I've never ACTUALLY added it up because I would probably :thud but I have been on Koko's for about  ten years & had goldfish before that.....so I'm certain it would be Thousands........(WoW!!) But really worth it.  My husband & I were talking about this once & we were kinda figuring up what I had tied up in just tanks & equipment & it was getting kinda high so I jokingly said "OK Let's forget THIS PROJECT!!!" And he responded that it was well worth it for the enjoyment I get from it!!!  (WHAT A GUY!!) :thumbup2:

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Lol depends on who you ask in our house, as my actual cost in my hobby might be bigger than my bf thinks

He can't believe how pretty some of my "feeder" fish are lol...also can't believe how much my mom has "given" me in gifts or how I only buy things on sale...

He doesn't really need to know!?does he!?

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the expenses keep going up


just bought a gravel vac for $20 with shipping and all


some sponges (to make a sponge filter)


need to buy gravel and K1 media still (For a moving bed filter that currently uses straws)

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I honestly don't want to know what I have spent on fish keeping in my lifetime.



And I don't want anyone else to know either !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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I'm glad I have a hobby that I don't mind pouring money into. It has been a learning adventure. Easily $1000, but I have a pond. I skipped a couple of haircuts to pay for their needs.  :wub:


TetraPond Bio-Active Pressure Filter with UV Clarifier  (used)  $249
TetraPond Debris-Handling Pump $150 

All of the electricity to run them  (20 per month?)

everything else: driftwood, HCL, Food, media, mech filter, flex hose, meds, nets, heater, argghghgh....

I love me fishies. If they're okay I'm okay. 

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For me it is in the thousands, I have been keeping fish for 19 years. I kept goldfish for 17 years now on tropical due to the inferior quality of the fancies we were getting.

On the tropicals I have probably spent a few hundred, had to replace filters and heater.

All the fish are worth the money for the enjoyment we have got from them plus the added educational elemtent for my 2 year old :-)

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I've been keeping for almost 2 years now.... 

With the cost of tanks, suna's vet bill ($261!!!! wow) and all of the money i spent on medication (around $200 as well) I am PROBABLY at about $1500+ at the moment


I have never thought about it because I'm a broke college student and I shouldn't be doing any of this lol 


(YET HERE I AM, buying a 75gallon/tank/canister filter to set up for my new apartment in august. But at only $230 how could i possibly refuse?! right?! omg)

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On my goldfish I've spent..

Tanks:$80 (I have a 29G and 40G)

Filters: $160 (I have fluval canister and a random one that was gifted to me.)

Heater: $80

Sand: $20

Décor over time: Well over $100

Fish themselves: $20

Treatments for disease: (Only treated for flukes) $40 something for a bottle that'll last quite a long time..

Water conditioners: $30+?

Lighting: $150 *This was actually gifted to me though so I paid nothing

Food for goldies: $40

Live plants: $30

Stand: $150

Grande total: $870 (Not sure if I added correctly because I did it with mental math..And I'm not a mathematician by far! haha.) 

So, I've spent quite allot of money for a pair of goldfish, but it's been well worth it..And you can definitely get a nice set up and good quality supplies for less than I did. Keep an eye out for good craigslist deals, there's usually full set-ups with stands and filter for less than $200.. :)

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In the last 2 years - 10 gallon tank, stand, filter, gravel, light, heater, thermometer, live plants, background, food, medication, algae magnet scraper, 2 aquarium sponges, water conditioner, vacuum siphon, 2 nets, pail; 100 gallon stock tank, lily plant, more food & water conditioner; 75 gallon tank, stand, light, background, algae magnet scraper, bigger vacuum siphon, gravel/sand mix, 2 filters, bigger net, air stone & pump, power bar for plug ins, more water conditioner, silk plants, fake log, beneficial bacteria, ammonia, water test kit, veggie clip, different food - probably in the neighborhood of $1000. 


Goldfish - 2 free, 3 for about 24 cents altogether.


In my experience, it's never about the cost of the pet, it's all about the cost of habitat.

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I started writing it all out and then felt sick looking at it, so let's just say, lots :rofl

I hear you, Alicia. :(



I have a folder/binder with tons of receipts from the very beginning 3 years ago.  It's really full and over the last 1/2 year or so I kind of was like, I don't need this receipt for this anubias plant (or fill in the blank) because my binder is already full. I especially stopped keeping all the receipts for my tropical tank that I started in December.  I spend way too much money on my tanks and I can feel real guilty when I think about it.  I've even talked some to Dawn (heidi) about this recently because of my guilt.  I was doing well for awhile because I was playing catch up on my bills.

Fish keeping expenses never really ends.  We are always buying meds when needed, prime, food, that one more plant, possibly up graded tank, etc.

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I'm not sure I could even put a number on it, since I keep other fish as well and have for years.

My new tank is $250 for an 80 gallon acrylic witth cabinetry (Craiglist steal)

I probably have spent another $150 in tanks over the last two years.

$100 in medicine and water conditioners

$60 for the Python

$180 in filtration

$40 in heaters

$60 in fish

$60 in food


And much more to go as I set uo this new tank with lights, substrate, plants, etc etc etc?

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The live plants alone that I have killed in the last year add up to a couple hundred dollars. :whistle


One fish I bought that did not make it cost me $250. I spent my last paycheck from when I was working on that fish. Boy was I disappointed after that. #neveragain. 


I like Jared's equation above. That about sums it up for me. After five years of spending full paychecks on fish stuff (basically handing the money back to my bosses LOL)... I don't wanna know. 

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