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How much money have you spent (so far) on your goldfish?


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How much money have you spent (so far) on your goldfish?


a background on how you got into the hobby and where you are now would be nice.  I love reading those stories. As well as what you are planning to spend on in the future


So, I was recently a huge gamer, and i realized there really is no benefit of it.. once i realized my computer was outdated and a new one that would last (assuming the parts didn't die on me) would cost ~$900.


So I sold my current one for $400, and used the other $500 i had laying around in my budget.


After looking around, as previously stated, i realized that gaming was too expensive and had no benefit aside from entertainment.  


So I thought, maybe I shouldn't go for $900 computers, and I should go upgrade my xbox 360 and get an Xbox one.  But then you pay for online subscription and $70 per game.. then i'd need a new controller.. basically it was way over the cost of just getting the system and a few games..


Fast forward a few weeks, and I'm in the waiting room waiting for my brother to get out after seeing the dentist.  Me being the impatient person I am, I go walk around the mall..


I go into the pet shop.


Here is where it all started... 


I had 2 goldfish in a 2 gallon tank (WalMart tips lol) and they died about 3years after we bought them.. about 8 years ago this happened.


So as I'm looking at the goldfish, I ask the guy how much it would cost to get two goldfish and set up a tank.. This guy told me get a 2 gallon tank, some gravel, and 2 goldfish... no filter no conditioner, nothing.


told me to go home rip the bag and pour the goldfish in.


So after 3 days of watching them do NOTHING, i started researching.  Atleast my previous goldfish swam and loved their 2 gallon tank lol


Then i learned all about filters and tank size and what not...


So, 3 weeks since i've had my goldfish...


I've spent $250. 20 Gallon tank, a 200GPH filter, and some decor.


Future Plans

  • Syphon ( $55)
  • Larger Tank (55 gallon or more...Cost will vary, but probably $150ish?)
  • More Fish for my new tank 
  • Additional Filtration (Sponge and another HOB/Upgrade)
  • Substrate
  • Decor, background





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... I have spent a couple thousand dollars, I think. I've been keeping since 2012 though. 


My current setup is this:


40 Gallon Breeder + Stand = 90.00

2nd 40 gallon breeder = 40.00

Cobalt EXT canister = 92.00

400gph pond pump = 34.50

Aqueon 55/75 power filter = 29.99

Fluval M 300 watt submersible heater = 28.24

Tetra pond air pump = 44.99



... and that doesn't include cleaning equipment.

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I hate to even think about it.  Luckily my husband doesn't notice new lighting, plants, changing one black sand for another . . .   :rofl3


He did say "Tell me again why you sold your entire 90 gallon set up and now, just 2 years later, we are setting up a 75 gallon with a new stand and all the fixins?"  :teehee


:whistle  That he did notice.  :rofl2

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I think I've spent about $200 so far personally, but total expenses are probably around $400. My birthday and Christmas happened right as I decided to jump into this hobby so my mom and my boyfriend both gifted me a lot of the things I needed to get my tank cycled. It would be a lot more but we managed to get my 55 gallon tank, stand, canister filter, and light for $100 on Craigslist. It was a lot more work to make sure it was all clean and sanitized, but I'm so happy with my tank now that it was more than worth the effort.

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Ok the set up I have for my goldfish now.


2 canister filters roughly cost me 200.

The tank and stand roughly 600.

The heater was about 30ish

Light come with tank.

My husband stained the stand black.  So about 30 for the stain and his time. 

Background and live plants about 60 give or take.

Holds five goldfish.  (yep one to many so far all of mine are under average size.)

So about 920 ish oh ya and the rocks that I keep taking out and re-buying. lol So about 950 but not all at once.  Been keeping goldfish 10 years but other fish for about 25 years. 

Going to move them to the 150 if they get to big or once the red tiger oscar finds a new home. Which ever happens first. May have to set up the 20 gallon for one goldfish.

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I've been keeping goldfish for about 25 years, so the number for me easily reaches into the thousands.  I did take a break for a few years, from 2003 to 2009, got rid of all my equipment and everything else when I lost all my fish at once in a malfunctioning heater incident. :(


When I started up again, the costs were like this:


46 gallon bowfront aquarium with stand and lights, Craigslist, $80. (A total steal)

48" light bulb, $15

Two Rena XP1 canister filters, $90 each

Versa Top tank lid, $45

Rena 400 air pump, $35

Titanium aquarium heater, $45

Decor, mixture of new and vintage, probably $50 the first year, then $50 a year or so thereafter (I switch things up)


I used to have a HUGE variety of foods, back when Goldfish Connection was in business.  I'd have Pro-Gold, sinking spirulina flakes, and more from GC, plus various Hikari pellets, Hikari frozen foods, and various other manufacturers' pelleted food.  Probably spent $75/year on food.  Throw in another $15/year for medicated food (which would need to be replaced annually).


BLARGH.  Like Lis said, this is making me fill a little ill.


And then there's the fish themselves.  I had 4 or 5 lovelies from Goldfishnet, at about $120 apiece, on average.

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I've spent $80 on a 40 gallon setup with coral lights, a stand, and a canister off Craiglist, almost $150 in the fish themselves, about $350+ on my indoor pond setup thing, $50 in filter media, $30+ in food, $30 for the test kit, $40 Python, $40 lighting, $100+ in filters, I also have some miscellaneous chemicals/medicines/decor/etc lol. I've always liked goldfish and have kept several them in bowls and small aquariums my whole life. Ever since i can remember I've absolutely adored fish.

I no longer keep goldfish in bowls and small tanks by the way [emoji23]

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Dido, I've spent a lot but it is all well worth it now. They are too cute to pass up  :wub:

It's kinda a loose-loose when you think about the money. If you do it all right, you spend a lot to make sure everything is perfect. However if you do it wrong, you spend even more trying to correct all the misdoings. 

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Well I started with three goldfish and a snail in a 5 gallon tank, packed full of gravel and ornaments. That probably cost about $60

My next tank cost me about $80, then all the fish and ornaments I bought and packed in there.

My next tank was cost a lot...I think it was $1200, then once again all the stuff I packed in there, when I learned the filter that came with the tank wasn't adequate I spent hundreds on new filters...

My current tank was $1600, I didn't have to buy new filters, everything came with it and I used my old filter as well.

Then working out how much I've spent on airpumps, airstones, test kits, plants, QT tanks, medicines, food, siphons, my python and now the pond that I'm setting up...and the money on actual fish, replacing lights, cleaning equipment as well as electricity and water bills!


SO way more than I ever thought I'd be spending when I first saw those little $4 goldies...

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I will try to tally mine up later but I just wanted to note that there are good deals to be found if you check craigslist and look for people on this site selling things. For example, I paid $225 for a 125 gallon tank with 2 light bars and 2 fluval 405 canister filters and another $100 for the stand. I also have a $30 Aqueon 55/75 on it so for $355 I have a pretty pimped out 125 gallon aquarium.

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> $1500

I would say that's about right for me too :rofl
Yep. :/

CURRENT setup and all its parts, though...

Various Anubias species, some rare: $200? probably more omg I have a problem.........

Crinum: $20 I believe. (Do you remember the price, Mikey?)

75g tank and lids, light, etc..: $210 (on sale!)

Stand: $106 (on sale, yess!!!)

20lb Carib Sea sand: $25

40lb play sand :) : $10?

Fluval 406: $150?

API Superclean 50: $17?

Media in canister: who even knows, $60?

Bamboo (40 stalks?): $25

Fluval M heater: $20

Bubble curtain: $7

Pond pump and 30ft hosing for water changing: $25!

Grip under the tank, for stability and protect the corners: $10

Whisper air pump: $20

Their current staple foods: $20/$25/$10/$20/$35

Fish themselves LOL!: $7/$10 for the LFS bucket I brought her home in, she was free!/$6

I'm too terrified to add this, adding it in my head was enough. :D

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Don't forget the prime you have to keep rebuying and any meds through QT!

I think it was 18.99-20.00 or so

Okay :D

Such a beautiful plant :)

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