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It's been so long since I've gotten goldfish babies!

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These two little ones came from a Petsmartco (not sure exactly which big box store they came from) and I picked them up from their old owner about a week and a half later. They're about the size of cough drops and ABSOLUTELY adorable!




This one is named Winston and is a 'boy'. His body shape is... really strange? Like a ranchu with the head of a common goldfish. But it doesn't seem to hamper him at all and he zips all over the tank with the speed and accuracy of a bullet. He's pooping white stringy poop though, which I hope will stop soon now that he's settled in and on a salt/prazi treatment.




This one is named Wasabi and we're calling her a 'she' for now. Possible Oranda? She has a healing fin rip and some missing scales, and seems to have a lot more trouble locating/eating her food compared to Winston, to the point where I'm a little concerned about her getting enough. Her coloring is so gorgeous in person... a light tangerine-gold color.




Look at how small they are!! That's a ten gallon, which I recently stuck one of my cycled sponge filters in. I also forgot just how much poop goldfish produce, after the luxury of powerful HOBs and plants/sand to hide most of the poop of my larger fish... these two are getting only 1-2 small meals a day but they produce MASSIVE amounts of poop! Luckily the turkey baster takes care of most of it.


I really did not expect two big-box pet store fish to become my next permanent residents... I wanted to save up for a super-fancy fish from Rain Garden or something. But I'm already so attached to these two!


They've already survived a week and a half after coming home from the pet store, so I'm hoping they're out of the woods. I'm a little bit concerned about putting them in with 6-inch Duracell and 5-inch Marigold, though! Those two live peacefully with otos without bothering them, but still...

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Ah, thank you all so much, everyone!

A few days ago Winston and Wasabi finally got introduced to the real tank and got to meet Marigold and Duracell. It was adorable!


The two little ones survey the vast expanse in awe, when suddenly...



"WHOA! What the heck is THAT!?"



The goldfish all check each other out suspiciously...



...but eventually start to get along. It's been several days now, and they seem very content together!

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