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SmithiesFishies - My Golden Journey


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Hi all!


I originally came to Koko's because my very first goldfish (an orange telescope butterfly named Mr. Mügles (female)) was having severe swim bladder problems. She has sadly not recovered, but is still with us, living a happy, healthy life on the bottom of her very own tank with a nice sponge filter that won't push her around.


When I first got her, I actually got two fish. She and her companion Googles were in a 2 gallon bowl. I shudder to think back to it because I know much better now, but at the time, I had no idea what I was doing! 


Needless to say, we soon lost Googles, likely to ammonia poisoning. With the advent of Googles becoming sick, I started doing research and soon learned what I was doing wrong. Two goldfish in that amount of water? What was I, crazy!?!? 


Mügles got her own 10 gallon tank as soon as I could afford it, and some bacterial starter to kickstart the cycle. 


We wanted her to have a friend and since they were still very small, we added a new black moor, but he, too, passed away. We added an algae eater type (I can't remember exactly what), and he, too, passed away. 


It was starting to seem like we had a Highlander fish - THERE CAN BE ONLY ONE!! She grew and grew, and we upgraded her to a 20 gallon tank after we moved cross country to California. Let me tell you, 5 days with a goldfish on your lap is pretty fun!


She's my profile picture, in case you're wondering. We changed her water every night on the trip and had a battery powered air pump going for her almost all the time. We kept a handful of her original gravel and the Moai statue in there with her because we knew it had some good bacteria on it, and would help her along the way.


She's seriously the heartiest little fish I've ever had, and I have 10 goldfish now - soon to be MANY more!


From two, to one, to two, to one, to two, to four, to three, to TEN! 

Onward and upward - my Ryukin got busy this past Sunday morning and I now have FRY!

This is my first spawning, my first batch, and I'm pegging everyone I know who's successfully raised fry for advice, tips, tricks and anything else I can get my hands on (especially reassurance!!!). 


Check back for periodic updates as I figure out whether I'm a decent Fishy Gramma!! =D



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Congratulations on your fry! We love to see pics as they grow and thrive. They're from your ryukin? Any idea who the potential dad(s) might be?


Thanks for reading! There were only three ryukin in the tank and I know for sure which one the female is, but the other two I'm not so sure of. I have a black and red who has been with the female red/white sakura for several weeks and a red/white metallic that I just put into the tank with them only two days before the spawning, so I have a feeling it's him - although it may be both. I can't say for sure because it happened while I was still asleep on Sunday morning. =)


A good deal of the fry have hatched now - just waiting on the slow bloomers before I carefully vaccum the bottom of the tank to remove the bad eggs I couldn't get when I made my first attempt to clean them up. 


There was a good mix of 50:50 fertilized and unfertilized eggs on top of the sponge filter, so I had to leave that alone - not enough surface area for me to squeak my airline hose in there and only come out with unfertilized eggs! O.O


I have a webcam that I'm going to point at the fry so I can monitor them while I am at work - I work long hours, and it will be nice to check in on them. If anyone else cares to see, I'll share the Ustream link when I get it set up. =D

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