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Sea View Mounting Adhesive?

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Has any one used this to apply their background?




 I bought some but haven't tried it yet.  Does it make the background look any better than just taping it on?  Do bubbles get trapped an become visible from inside the tank?

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I bought some of that about 2 years ago on my 30,10, & 5 gallon tanks and it really did make the background brighter and the picture clearer. I really loved how it made the background look way better than without it. It says it will last the lifetime of the tank after applying but after about 6 months the corners started to become unstuck and curl up. I tried to reapply it in those spots but it still curled up again. I was trying to use it sparingly so I had enough for all of my fish tanks, so maybe I didn't apply enough in the first place when I first put the backgrounds on. :idont


It will get bubbles in the back when you put it on but you have to smooth them out with a credit card or something similar. It wasn't hard to get the bubbles out though.


Maybe after applying you can just put a little piece of tape on the corners so it doesn't peel off the tank like mine did. :hmm Otherwise it is very good stuff!

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