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Medicated food


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Hi all, 


I am new to the forum, and while I did scan this page for similar questions, I may have missed an extant Q&A, in which case I apologize!


I am planning to set up a QT for a potential new fish. I have read that it is a good idea to feed the new fish antibacterial food as a prophylactic and I'd also like to have some on hand in general. However, it seems that Goldfish Connection no longer sells Medi-Gold! I can't seem to find it anywhere. Amazon sells Medi-Koi, but it comes in enormous amounts. 

Has anyone here been pleased with another antibiotic food that would be available to me in the US? 


Thank you!

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I don't give medicated food prophylactically, only when there's a verifiable problem. A routine QT with .3% salt and prazi should suffice.

Save the medicated food for when it's needed, lest your fish develop resistance to it via over-use.

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Goldfish Connection is permanently closed, as Rick has retired.


I agree with Dee. Salt and Prazi are all you are going to need. It's not common practice to give antibiotics prophylactically, only when you know they need it.

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I agree with RanchuDressing and ChelseaM .  I would recommend that you quarantine the new fish with 0.3% salt and Prazi.  The directions for quarantine procedure and Prazi protocols can be found in the links below my signature.  


For meds to have on hand, I would recommend aquarium or canning/pickling salt, Hikari Prazipro, Seachem Metroplex and Seachem Kanaplex:






You may also want to have some API Furan-2 in your medicine cabinet, particularly if you get wenned goldfish:





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I've seen good reviews about medicated flakes and pellets from Ken's Fish.

He has flakes and pellets with Oxytetracycline and Metronidazole, separately.

The flakes from Angels Plus have pretty good reviews as well, including for usage with goldfish. While flakes aren't ideal, they may be of use if medicated food is urgently needed and they won't eat home-laced food. :idont

The AP food comes in a Kanamycin flake and also an Oxytetracycline flake.

New Life Spectrum recently released their own medicated food called Hex Shield and Ick Shield..

Hex Shield has Metronidazole and Epsom Salt

Ick Shield has Chloroquine Phosphate

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