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I went to the San Diego Koi Show. It was held on March 7th and 8th, 2015. I went on the second day. There were a lot of gorgeous koi of all sizes. These photos are some of the ones I found most intriguing and beautiful. It's hard to tell, but many of these are huge, 24"-36" or larger!



















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I hear that. My boyfriend was just saying today that if I had a koi pond then I'd be constantly bugging him to add to it and upgrade it, which is the equivalent of me adding new tanks to our apartment all the time. LOL. It's probably best I don't have a pond or anywhere to put a pond right now. 

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That must have been amazing. I'm kinda surprised by this, but my favorite koi is the big solid orange one. His scales are so very sparkly! Thanks for sharing. :)

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