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I went to the San Diego koi show today expecting only to look at awesome koi and vendors for fish supplies, but much to my surprise Goldfishnet had a booth there and many awesome goldfish for sale. I've only ever seen these fish in photos for the online auction before, so seeing them up close was a cool experience. And of course, I fell in love. I only had enough money and tank space to take one home though. So here he is (and it's definitely a he because I see breeding stars), my new kirin telescope. I have not given him a name yet, because I like to get to know a fish's personality a bit before deciding on a name. That will come soon though. This guy has some definite personality. :)


These pics were taken in my small quarantine tank, but I will take more once I move him into the 72 bow front I just set up, which will also be a kind of QT since everything in it will be new at the same time. 







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