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Old Goldfish Art of mine


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Here's an old sketch from high school.  I hope it's not too blurry!




And then here's my favorite goldfish artsy thing I've done (in a while).

It was an ink on silk project, I think my senior year in high school.  Maybe junior.




I really wish I would've done the large one last - I think it looks like a big tomato more than a fish! lol.

Hope you guys like! ^_^

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Thanks guys!!  The ink on silk one was really fun.  We did a sketch of what we wanted it to be on same sized paper first, and then when they had the silk screens set up, we either lightly traced it on there with either graphite paper or by hand, or kept the picture under the screen and traced it that way - I can't remember which anymore.  Then we used some kind of watered down glue solution (again, don't remember everything that went into it anymore) and put them into basically what would be like a see through plastic katsup/mustard bottle to use it to trace over the outlines. I also remember using q-tips for the ink, and rubbing alcohol to make sure the ink didn't dry too soon.   


And I always thought my hand turned out to be the better part of the sketch picture, lol, but the goldfish in it still makes me smile - I think it looks more like a sheep at first glance though, lol!

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