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Hi there, new to the forum here.


I have used this forum before but it was quite a way back (4 years or so). Really helpful in setting up my first goldfish tank since I was a kid.


Now, 4 years on, Splendor is still going strong. I recently decided to upgrade his tank to a higher capacity so now he's in his own tank - just under 10 gallons.


I took a quick snapshot as was having a bit of trouble with the filter and air pump (as per paragraph below) . I'll get a proper snapshot of the tank soon.air_pump_off_full_tank_zpsvz7teiqb.jpg


The tank is the same make as his previous, just a higher capacity. It has an air pump included with the trickle filter and the air pump seems a bit fierce. The fish has only been in there a day or so, so it may be that it just takes some getting used to after years in a standard trickle filter only tank. Trouble is the tank came with only a tiny booklet on safety warnings only. No real guidance on the set-up of the filter and pump. (The old tank which was the same make had a slider so you could control the power of the trickle filter, this new one doesn't seem to have this option...? Any advice in this regard much appreciated!

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Ah just did a few edits to my post, realised my old filter was an HY-203.



Hi there. It's the standard filter that comes with the Lifespace 34 tank. Has HiYang HY-204  written on it. There is no slider to adjust the power, but there was one on my old filter which was the HY-203, (which didn't have the air pump bit). *confused*.


I hope this air pump business isn't bothering him as it seems a bit on the strong side and he seems to be trying to get used to the current of the tank..

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