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Crush coral

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NYC tap water ph is 7,0 and I am afraid it my drop after few days. I am thinking of using 4.5 cups of crush coral in a AC 110 for 90 gallon tank. I don't have any fish yet still in planning stage.

Is safe to use crush coral and should I set AC 110 for low or high flow?

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Test your water this way to see if it drops:


You'll need the following:


2 buckets

1 airstone/pump

pH testing kit

Tap water



1. fill both buckets with tap water and add the right amount of the fish's dechlorinator for each bucket. 

2. Test the pH in each bucket, writing it down for safekeeping.

3. Add an air stone to one of the buckets and have it running.

4. Wait 24 hours.

5. Test the pH in each bucket again. Check with the original pH for change.

6. Report the results here in this thread so that we'll know if there will be a risk of pH drop and how much of what kind of buffer you will need, if any.



:heart Fins crossed you won't need one.

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