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Just a bunch of new pictures + updates


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I've now gathered the three fishies who makes my little finned-family complete.

Fiona, Zula and my little (not-so-little) boy, I haven't settled for a name yet (Edwin, Dexter, Dixon?) I had time on my hands this week to weight them all and was suprised... 


Fiona went from a 37 grams to a 48 grams in only a few weeks

Zula went from 9 grams to 16 grams in the same lapse of time

Little chubby boy did not gain weight though


Here he is ...





Getting along...He even judged appropriate to start the chasing already  :doh11:




But Fiona is no better  :teehee Just a little smoochie common'!




Zula's progress over the past few weeks... 




My whole gang 




Thanks for watching / reading !! 









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You took some awesome photo's of your beautiful fish.

I have to say that Dexter is a pretty awesome name if you haven't named your fish yet. :) I have a Dexter in my tank that I adore to pieces. He's my Blue Oranda that has been changing colors on me. So I guess I shouldn't call him a Blue any more. hehe I like your other name choices also. All three are really great names.

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