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(Slightly) updated food weights by brand


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I really liked the Pinned topic "Food Weight by Brand".


I just got a couple of scales that are about 100x more sensitive than the ones Tithra had, so I thought I'd update it with everything I have in my cupboard.


I'm not sure if it would be more appropriate to put this in my own post, or at the end of Tithra's, so I'll put it here; I can always copy it into Tithra's post later.

| Food                                  | # of Pellets | Mass |Per-Pellet| Volume|
GoldFish Connection Pro Gold            |      30      | 571mg| 19.03 mg |1/4 tsp|
GoldFish Connection Spirulina Flakes    |      20      |1236mg| 61.80 mg |  N/A  |
GoldFish Connection Salad Supreme       |      10      |2947mg| 294.7 mg |  N/A  |
Saki-Hikari Purple                      |     139      | 712mg|  5.12 mg |1/4 tsp|
Hikari Lionhead                         |     104      | 799mg|  7.68 mg |1/4 tsp|
New Live Spectrum Goldfish (3mm)        |      27      | 651mg| 24.11 mg |1/4 tsp|
Omega one (Medium)                      |      28      | 850mg| 30.36 mg |1/4 tsp|

Volume is for a "level" teaspoon, but your mileage may vary; this product is sold by weight, not volume, etc...


Though I won't blame you if you you don't want to count 139 pellets of Saki-Hikari  :thumbup2:  


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