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Digital Milligram Scale Review x2

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This is a review for two digital milligram scales:

The first is the "Smart Weigh GEM20 High Precision Digital Milligram Scale", and the second is the "American Weigh Scales GEMINI-20 Portable Milligram Scale"


I purchased both from Amazon, and they were approximately $25 each.


I didn't know it at the time, but these two scales are virtually identical to each other. I'll list the minor differences later, but for almost the entire review, they are the same thing:


Both scales are milligram (0.001g) scales, and are well suited for weighing out small, precise quantities of materials.

Overall, the specs & features are:

  • A clear plastic clamshell cover
  • Blue backlight LCD cover
  • Mass up to 20g in increments of 1 mg (0.001g)
    • Weight in g, oz, ct, ozt, dwt, grain
  • ​Tare
  • Battery Operated 2xAAA (included)
  • A few extra goodies:
    • ​Anti-Magnetic Tweezers
    • Metal weigh boat
    • Two 10.000g calibration weights, with a foam-padded space for one in the top of the scale
      • The scale does have a calibration mode


The packaging is excellent, and even includes the currently-fashionable magnet closures for the box.


Notes from my use:

  • The update frequency is about every half second or so.
  • The weights measured by the scale remain stable, instead of jumping around constantly.
  • Weights are very consistent:
    • If I put an item on the scale, weigh it, and remove it, the weight drops back to zero as it should.
    • Replacing item returns the same weight, down to the milligram. I've tried many different objects, with the weights being spot on.
    • The calibration weights are within a milligram of 10.000 g, which is impressive at this price point.

Overall, I'm very impressed with the consistency of these scales, especially for the price.


I've used a number of high precision scales in various labs (both college & professional) that I've worked in. These scales don't have the kind of accuracy (micro-gram) or responsiveness the lab scales do, but they don't have the price tag either.


Sadly, I don't work in labs anymore, and can't review the accuracy of these scales against NIST-calibrated gear and calibration weights.


While these scales aren't useful (or legal, I believe) 'for use in trade' (such as weighing out important things like diamonds, pharmaceuticals, etc.), they are more than sufficient for other tasks where you may weigh small amounts precisely.


They work great for weighing out my aquarium's diet.











Now for the differences:

Both scales have the models "GEM-20" and "GEMINI-20", and are virtually identical. Even the weigh boat and tweezers are identical, as are the plastic parts, reference weights, backlight, buttons... you get the idea.


The difference between them is that the Smart Weigh GEM-20 has flat 'platform' to weigh with - and small containers, dishes, etc. can be placed on the platform, as shown:




The GEMINI-20 requires the use of a weigh boat such as the one provided. Without the weigh boat, the GEMINI-20 won't have the entire weight of the stuff being weighed pressing against the sensor.




The other difference is warranty:  The GEMINI-20 has a 10-year warranty, while the Smart Weigh GEM-20 has a two year warranty. It's probably a moot point, as there's no way of knowing if either company will be around in two (or 10) years.


And of course, gotta have a picture of one purpose I bought the scales.  Bonus points to anyone who can figure out which scale is shown.

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