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(Beginner) Goldfish Problems/Advice


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Hey guys,


So I bought a 20 gallon tank (before everyone goes crazy, I talked to a goldfish "expert" at my Local pet store, and he said two goldfish are ok for a 20 gallon tank if you have a good water filter and change the water/clean the water regularly.  He himself houses 2 per 20 gallons, and if they get really big or develop problems then he moves them, but he's had 2 in a 20 gallon for 5 years)

BUT I will be getting another 20 gallon tank again, since they go on sale a lot, or maybe a 75 gallon for my birthday.

or just a rubbermaid container lol


They are two fantails. not sure of sexes, forgot to ask.


Anyways, I cycled my tank, with some old filter media and bacteria cycle product (by Nutrifin Cycle), and got it tested and the results were perfect.


I've had my fish for 2 weeks now, and they seem very slightly bigger.


Here are some problems and situations i need advice on


1) They keep chasing each other, sometimes with food, sometimes just in general.  Kind of bumping into each other and stuff.  Thing is, sometimes they are minding their own business, and sometimes they are just chilling with each other.


2) Right now, I don't have an air filter.  SOMETIMES they go up to the surface for like 1 second and go back down later.  Should I invest in an air filter? what other benefits do they have besides providing air?


3) Right now, my tank has no substrate except for a very small amount on the left side to hold 2 plastic plants, as the other two are already weighted.  Should I add a substrate like sand to the tank? I kind of like it bare as its easier to clean...


4) Can i just use black construction/presentation paper for the aquarium background? No problem with this right?


5) How often should I clean my filter? Every water change (Weekly/bi weekly)


6) Is it ok to add toys and stuff to the tank? Like souvenirs and what not,something that doesn't have spots where water can enter.. assuming they are not sharp.


Thanks guys

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Uh I'm pretty new to this hobby too, but I think I can give you a little input to a couple of your questions! :)

1.) If one is female and one is male sometimes the male will chase the female, this is a natural breeding behavior.

2.) By air filter I assume you mean air pump you know the "bubbler" things? They are optional but they do add more oxygen to your water, which would be beneficial since you said you only have a 20g atm.

3.) Substrate is also optional unless you want live plants but most goldfish do like to sift through substrate, though it might be annoying to add sand if you already have fish in the tank because you'll have to remove them.

4.) You can use anything you want for a background! The only issue I see with construction paper is it getting wet, and I know everything around my tank tends to get wet cause I'm so messy! Lol. If you are gonna do the paper, I'd go get it laminated so its waterproof. :thumb:

6.) Not sure what you mean by toys..but I would only put aquarium safe things in my tank. I know some people put legos, and certain kinds of crystals in their tanks put it depends on the materials really.
 Hope I helped some! :heart

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I totally forgot number 5!!


lol. I take apart and scrub my filter once ever two months and take my filter medias and lightly rinse it once a month. From what I've learned you don't wanna clean it too thoroughly because that's where your beneficial bacteria lives, which keep your water levels balanced.

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If they are going to the top for air you are overstocked. If they are going to the top to nip at food or something like that, no problem. 

I use black construction paper on my tanks.

What were the water parameters when it was "perfect"? What ammonia source was added when cycling the tank? 

I have never done more than rinse off my filters. Scrubbing isn't something I would consider. I rinse the pads in my HOBs about once a month and open my canisters at around the same frequency to rinse everything inside.

Bare bottom is fine.

A small amount of chasing and bumping is fine. I had to separate a female from my males the other day because the chasing was excessive. I could see she was exhausted and barely able to swim.

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When you do rinse your filter media, do that in a bucket with tank water. You don't want to use water that has chlorine in it.

FYI--if you have carbon in the filter that can be taken out. You only need it to take out any medicines in the water or any weird smells (which is usually remedied with water changes).

I rinse filter media each time I do a water change. For the sponge, I squeeze that in tank water until most if the detritus is gone--usually tank two buckets of tank water.

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