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Best Foods For A Young Goldfish?


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Hi guys. I'm finally cycled and searching for a fish :) Since ordering one from an online breeder isn't really an option for me (and also since I'm pretty inexperienced), I'll probably be getting a fairly young fish from one of the pet stores near me. I know sinking pellets are considered the best staple, but are there any that are particularly good for encouraging growth in little fish? What are your recommendations?

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High in aquatic based protein ( >40%) and high quality ingredients (little to no fillers, not in the first few ingredients if there happen to be any) are ideal.

Smaller pellets in size .5mm to 1.5mm are better for digestion. :)

I bring up protein as it is one of the most important building blocks for life, especially in the younger stages of life.

However, more protein in their diet = more ammonia which = more nitrates. This keeps you doing regular water changes, possibly more frequently when your fish are young, but keeps them growing and thriving at a healthy amount when not overfed. You do not want your fish to grow quickly, but steadily.

This may be of help for future feeding as well. :D


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Encouraging growth isn't something I would recommend. Instead, look for things that will keep them healthy and then they will grow on their own. 


As for what to feed, it depends on what you want to feed them. Would you rather a pellet food, or a gel? Lots of frozen foods, or just one kind? A good variety will encourage your fish to eat, and who doesn't like variety anyway? :teehee


As for recommendations of good foods, here are some I like.


New Life Spectrum Thera+A 1mm pellets


New Life Spectrum AlgaeGel gel food (plus an animal protein source)


Repashy Super Green gel food (plus an animal protein source)


Frozen Bloodworms (animal protein source. feed in conjunction with the gel foods for a good complete diet, or with any other staple as a supplement)


Nori (dried seaweed, feed as supplement) 

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I think really you need to experiment with different foods. Different fish react differently, some foods will cause bloating and swim bladder issues whereas another brand won't. I don't know a tonne about foods available in the US but so far recommended I've seen:

NLS Thera A + A

Saki Hikari

Hikari Lionhead

Repashy Super Green/ Soilent Green

Homemade gel food


There are many more, but my brain's not working.  :hmm


For frozen foods, mine enjoy bloodworms and daphnia. They love live daphnia, too. I feed algae wafers, red lettuce, courgette, spinach, kale, peas, nori etc depending what's in the house at the time. You can feed fruit very occasionally (high in sugar, so not often). Mine love watermelon. :)

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Thanks guys. I have to run to Petco today to get some cat litter, so I think I'll pick up a few of the foods you guys suggested while I'm there. Maybe a fish too if I see one I like :)

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