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My piggies after their water change


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Decided to do a kind of quick (4 minutes, I do not blame you if you don't watch the whole thing :rofl) video of the guys in the 180 after their water change :)

I also weighed everyone tonight;

Bear: 191g

No name: 185g

Cutiebean: 180g

Charlie: 152g

Black chu: 152g

Cloud: 150g

Big Red: 150g

Fathead: 140g

Oogs: 120g

Pepper: 87g

Baby oranda: 73g

Baby ranchu: 57g

Thanks for looking :)

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Great video Lis!!!!!! I enjoyed watching your beautiful Goldfish swimming around .

Thank you Dawn! :D


Your tank and fish are awesome Lis.


Thanks Mike :)


I love the video, thanks for posting! :D Of course I had to watch the whole video because I love your fish, plus it stars one of my favorite fishes here on Koko's.... :heart Oogs!!!! :heart   :wub:

Haha, a lot of people love Oogs, he is a pretty boy :wub:
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Well, I watched the whole video and enjoyed every last second of it. :wub:   I think I was watching your fish as much as I was looking at all your plants during the video.  Your fish are all gorgeous as ever, Alicia.   Love them all. Your plants are so darn healthy and green.  Have you ever had any problems with them at all?  (dying, melting,browning, holes in leaves, etc)


Do you find your snails on them doing their job?

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Hi Cheryl, sorry for the late reply! Thank you, I'm glad you enjoyed the video :D

I've had a few problems with the plants, yes. I got hair algae in the tank, which I've now got under control, but there are random tiny tufts of it here and there. Nothing noticeable, unless you're me and know where it is :rofl

My red tiger lotus has also been melting away a bit recently. I put this down to raising my lights to deal with the hair algae, so I've lowered them a bit again, hoping that it makes a come back :) I've also added a green leafed variety of the tiger lotus, so I'm hoping that starts to thrive as the red one used to :) every so often I see the snails on the plants, but most of the time the nerites seem to be gliding around on the glass :teehee my apple snails usually hang around on the sand, and the BN plecos are sometimes on the leaves too :) I don't really have any other algae issues (diatoms were a nightmare in my old tanks but not in this one, touch wood) so there's never much for them to clean up anyway :)

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The tank and the fish are looking great Lis! :)

The plants look fab, a great example of how 'low tech' plants can look just as spectacular as high maintenance ones in the right hands.

Little Pepper is growing up, he's not so little anymore!

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