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Success! Fish-in cycle


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Took 6 weeks of daily monitoring and water changes but it's finally done! Fish in cycle of a new 55 gallon tank with 2 ranchu and 1 large ryukin. It feels so great to be on the other side of hill. Now I'm awaiting my new calico Oranda to come in from Dandy Orandas and we'll see how it goes. [emoji2]

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Thanks Jared, It's a personal mission of mine now... Lol. I've done so many changes to keep the parameters straight it's just part of my routine now.

Well, we're all human, and time makes fools of us all. The 'I'll do it tomorrow' bug is horrible, and tomorrow never comes. (ie. It's today now, and I'll do it tomorrow - over and over)

My only tip: if the hardness & pH between your source (tap) and tank are the same, then match temps and do big (75-80%) changes.

I took the 'many small changes' advice that's mindlessly parroted around, and could never keep the nitrates down. The math just doesn't work out; you're just not removing anywhere near as much nitrate as a single big wc.

Keep in mind, though: I have hard water with the same pH of 7.8. What works for me may not work with your tap water.

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