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Fishy 2 year anniversaries (pic heavy)


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I thought I'd make a thread for my 3 pet shop fish, that I have had since I started keeping goldfish.

I have had Fathead for over 2 years now, he's actually the reason why I first posted on Koko's, poor little guy was repeatedly getting red patches around his gills and pectoral fins, and after following Koko's suggestion to treat for flukes, he's never had a serious problem like that since :)

This was him when I first got him, and he lived in a cosy 23 litre fish tank :donthit with Moustache who is unfortunately no longer with us. I loved watching them whilst I was in my room at uni, and when I found out the tank they were in was too small, it resulted in me doing 100% water changes daily :o

So, here's Fathead back in 2013





And this is him now




Next we have black chu and Charlie. I bought these two in March 2013, so their 2 year anniversary will be next month.

Black chu was always so tiny, and never really seemed to grow too much. Now she's a little tank, and is having an excessive amount of wen growth (it's all bubbling up, it looks so strange :teehee)

This was her when I got her




And this is black chu now


She's so ugly but so cute at the same time :rofl


And finally we have Charlie, my problem fish. On numerous occasions Charlie has developed problems with him wen, which fortunately, with the help of Koko's (and specifically Jared and Dnalex), have been treated.

This is the only picture I have of him when I first got him


This was him a year after I brought him home


And this is him now :D




Thanks for looking :)

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I think I heard Fathead say he'd like to take a trip to Michigan....Canada  :whistle


I heard that too Lisa :rofl


They look great Lis.

I really like the before and after pics.

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They look great Lis! I love seeing before and after pics, it's lovely to see how far they've all come :)


It's amazing what can happen in just two years of fish keeping, come to think of it, I'd better warn Baz to be expecting a 180 gallon before this time next year :lol

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