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Triops :) (2 videos, 5 pics)


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Colin got some triops eggs and several have hatched. We've had these before but I don't ever remember any of them getting as big as this one that Colin has named Jimmy. :teehee

You'll see in the videos that there are several triops in the tank of various different sizes. Some have recently hatched and look like BBS while others have been around for several days (as long as Jimmy) but haven't developed the shell like Jimmy has. If you're wondering, Riley is squeaking her ball in the background. :rofl3

As you can see, he is a quick lil bugger. :o I got more distilled water today and I think I'm going to try and move them all to a larger container/tank as Jimmy needs more room to swim. :teehee


Rolling some food. Lol


I put him in a glass for better pics.



Close up



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Cool I have always wanted to try hatching some triops eggs!


I just found this site on hatching triops eggs and how to care for, feed and raise Triops. Plus some fun facts too  :)




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I don't know but I'd like to feed him frozen brine shrimp or blood worms.  Anyone think he'd eat it?  :peeka


I'm gonna go look it up.  :lol2


Edit:  distilled water is needed for hatching.  After that dechlorinated tap is fine . . .


They can eat brine shrimp.  He's :Scoff: them now.  :rofl3  And I put a couple small plants from the betta tank in there.  :o

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Triops are awesome!!!! I was just thinking about those little guys the other day. How fun, thanks for sharing Lisa. :)

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A couple more videos and a pic. :teehee He loves his plants. :rofl3

When I got home from work yesterday Alyssa said "mom there's a dead body in Jimmy's tank. :o " I said, "But I saw Jimmy swimming and he was the only one in there. :o " Colin said "He molted. :doh11: " :rofl3 Here's a pic :scared



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