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Fishoom tour, many fry!


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Your fish are just so beautiful Hinfin!

Looks like you're doing a great job with the fry, make sure you keep us updated on them, if they're anything like their parents they'll be absolutely stunning :)

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Thank you for the positive feedback! Yes it is a dounting task to care for so many fish, might even be a fulltime job if i would count the hours. Probably my lack of interest for watching TV helps :teehee


The vid was taken with an extreme wideangle actioncamera, so when i'm walking around all the straight lines bend because the camera is not leveled. When i place the camera against the glass this does not happen. Excuse the confusion, they are not bowfront tanks.


The oranda fry are 5 to 7 weeks now. The matte/sakura/calico start as white and gain respective colours as they grow. The metallics are still in their baby greens and will probably stay like that for some time. About 20% are metallic RW.

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