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Hamanishiki Update (crown pearlscales)


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Hi folks, I hope you're all doing well. I have been really busy with work and school and am rarely here these days. I wanted to provide an update on my baby crown pearlscales. Originally I posted 3 - a few days later I went back and grabbed two more.

Unfortunately, my favorite pearlscale, who had the most round extreme body shape, developed swim bladder problems and flipped as he continued to grow, and I euthanized him about a week ago when he began to develop sores from floating and wasn't getting food. He was so cute and seeing the baby photos of him made me a little sad, but the good news is, the other four are doing beautifully and growing very well.

I recently purchased a 125g tank and my 7 ranchu went into that, with the 4 pearlscales inheriting the 75g. I baffled the outflow of the one large HOB filter so that they aren't pushed around, and redid the tank for them. I sold the last of my baby ranchu from this summers breeding and am enjoying watching the pearlscales continue to grow.

Here is the initial thread from when they were babies : http://www.kokosgoldfish.invisionzone.com/forum/index.php?/topic/118466-baby-hamanishiki-crown-pearlscales/

And here they are today in their new tank!









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I am ridiculously jealous of each and every one of them! :o :o

:rofl they are just adorable. Glad they're doing well, and congrats on the 125! :nana

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They are beautiful.  We need more pictures of your fish in general.


Hey lady :) I will post my big ranchu tank when it's looking better. I'm still working on it and I think it looks sort of ugly currently. I have these pearlscales in my 75 and ranchu and one oranda in my 125.

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Looking great! Hopefully we'll both have fry this season and can do a trade for some new genes ;)


That would be amazing PSP! You should post some photos of what you have. I haven't seen them lately.

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