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My Male goldfish


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Is he in an aquarium? If so, how big is the tank and how many fish are in it? I believe that with clean fresh water and not cramped space can help with growth of a fish and wen if it's not genetics like what Koko said. I'd add in an extra huge water change ( twice a week/85% plus) if your not doing them already. I'd also give bloodworms as one of his meals several times a week. Try this for at least a couple of months and see if you see any changes. I've done this with some of my fish in the past and have seen some growth. I've always done large w/c every 4 to 5 days for at least a year now and with bloodworms now about every 3rd day. I'm just crazy about clean water. :)

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Yes i moved my fish from outdoor pond to an aquarium about 40 gallon wither other 20 fish , daily 40% W/C full mosquito and May fly larvae's feeding . To do whats you practice and see , if no any change that mean a genetic issue .


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