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Oranda issues.. Newbie doing everything wrong..! :(

210 Oranda

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Man!!..This little ones are driving me crazy!!!! :wall:krazy:


..I've just witnessed a very (bad) territorial behavior..

The red cap is fighting the other two for a hiding spot..!!


To my surprise the calico & the red/black have bite marks on their tales (or perhaps fin rot, which I hope is not!)

They were NOT like this this morning..


I have the red cap now in the net waiting for you guys advice..












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I'm super excited with this morning water results..

Ammonia - 0.0 (not a hint of green whatsoever)

Nitrites - 0.0

Nitrates - between 5.0 &10.0



"Motherredcap".. I don't have a colander so this net is Mardo's home until I figure out something else.. If you have a pic of the colander you're talking about it will be awsome..



Lisa.. I have not clue how to sex them..

This below is Mardo's (red cap) pic if you can tell me..



So.. is the Prazi schedule the same (minus the WC) ???








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Oh.. a regular colander.. Duh!!  :doh11:


Do you think the fighting will continue being an issue (forever) after Prazi is done.. ???

I mean.. they all like to "chill" behind the plant and there's only "so much" room back there

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OK, just read most of this thread again.  :rofl


You want the salt at 0.3% and temp at 80* for two weeks.  This is the typical ich treatment.  Have you seen any ich?  I dont' see any in the pics . . .  


I don't think anyone has said this yet but there is no need to continue adding Stability.  It takes several days for the bacteria in such products to establish themselves in your filter.  If you're doing once or twice daily WCs, you are simply dumping them down the sink . . .


Finally, this is the treatment schedule to follow (I copied and pasted what shakaho had written but will highlight a couple of things . . . . )


Day 1: Do your 25% water change and add Prazi at twice the recommended dose. Keep the salt at 0.3%. This is the beginning of Round 1.


Day 2-4: . Add prazi and salt to the replacement water each time you do a 25% water change. Do as many 25% water changes as you need to keep ammonia + nitrites below 1.0 ppm. 


Salt should be 1 Tablespoon per gallon. (Unless you are using Mortons.  Then go with 2 1/4 tsp per gallon.)  Prazi twice the recommended dose for the bucket size, and Prime twice the recommended dose for the entire tank.


Days 5-7 are NO prazi days in which case we need to figure out how you can do 100% WC that day to get rid of the prazi.  How much water would you be able to age at once?  You will need to do 100% WCs once a week.


Day 5-7:  Do as many 25% water changes as you need to keep ammonia + nitrites below 1.0 ppm.  Replacement  water should contain 1 Tbs per gallon of water (2 1/4 tsp per gallon for Morton's) and twice the recommended dose Prime for the full tank volume. This is the end of Round 1.


Here is another change I would make.  Since the fish have already been at 0.3% salt for 2 weeks (one without prazi, one with prazi) as long as there hasn't been any evidence of ich, I would drop to 0.1% salt and single dose prazi for the remaining rounds . . .  I will confer with the mod team on that but you wont' cross that bridge for at least a week so we will have it figured out by then.  :D  This is also where I would drop the temp back to normal, again assuming no ich.


Days 8-14  Round 2.  Same as Round 1.


Days 15-21 Round 3.  This is a little tricky because we are lowering the concentration of salt and prazi.  


FOR THE FIRST 4 WATER CHANGES, add no salt to the new water and add Prazi at the same dosage as in Rounds 1 and 2. This will get the salt concentration down to 0.1%.


After that, when you change water, use 0.1% salt (one teaspoon per gallon) and the recommended dose (not doubled) of prazi (on the days when you are using prazi) and just 0.1 salt on the days with no prazi.  

Hello Lisa!!.. (Perhaps you will see this on day 6)


Today is day 5 and I did a 100% WC this morning.. Added double dose of prime and 45 tsp of salt (.03%) but NO Prazi..

My ammonia has been 0.0 for the last three days. I have NO nitrites & 10 pmm (or less) of nitrates.. Does this mean I'm cycled??


If I'm showing NO ammonia.. Can I feed them 2-3 times a day or should I stay at one feeding only ??


I believe you said above that you are going to confer with the mod team about reducing the salt at 0.1% & Prazi at single dose starting day 8..

Whatever you guys decide, please let me know how to proceed..


By the way, I got the antibiotics you asked me to get (Metro, Triple Sufla & Kana).. just in case they're needed..


Thank you!!!

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How are the fish behaving?

I guess Im gonna answer that with a couple of pictures..


Mardo is not picking on the other two this morning so he's out of "his cage".. however, he's been isolated in a corner since yesterday.


Calico has his dorsal fin down all the time and spends most of the time at surface


Buddy (red/black) has been under that rock since yesterday and he swims really awkward.. he gets pushed around by the current and when swimming he hits sides & bottom of tank (like he's drunk or blind)


They don't really care much for food right now.. pellets pass by them and they don't seem too interested


Someone mentioned on you tube (after seeing the video) that I have "too much current & bubbles".. I don't think that's bad but I just don't know





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Did you do WCs daily?  Or is the ammonia and nitrite staying at 0 without WCs?  :idont


If the salt has been at 0.3% for 2 weeks and no ich, then drop the salt to 0.1% and single dose prazi for the remaining rounds.  :D

I didn't do a WC Friday or Saturday (only 100% yesterday) my ammonia has been 0 since then..

I don't understand why don't I show nitrites..!?


So by saying.. "drop the salt to 0.1%" you want me to do a 25% WC with no salt today.. 25% WC with no salt tomorrow (day 7).. & 25% WC with no salt on Wednesday (day 8).. ????


Or you mean.. No water change today & tomorrow.. but 100% WC on Wednesday (Day 8) with .01% salt..????

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Too much current can be a problem if your fish are unwell (or very very small), but generally doesn't bother a healthy goldfish. You can use something to baffle the current of the filter for the time being, but the bubbles are a plus. :)

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I would do 100% WC on Wednesday but that is up to you. :)

Would you please do another video, showing all 3 of them for about 20-30 seconds each? It may be time to start some antibiotics . . .






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Thanks for the videos. 


Have you been testing for ammonia and nitrite daily?  Have the fish eaten?  What day in the prazi schedule are you on?  (is there prazi in the tank in the videos or not?)

I test my ammonia & nitrites daily.. last night i was at .25 & today I'm at .50..

They eat very little.. so I ended up picking up the pellets from the tank after 30min to avoid ammonia increase

Im at day 7.. 100% wc was done on Sunday so the videos are w/o prazi

I thought of doing a 25% wc to reduce ammonia

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