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Comet Goldfish in slow motion


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Hey guys

Know I haven't been on here much. I still review the postings but knock on wood I haven't had a real reason to post.

My fish are doing awesome and my five fry are really no longer fry. They are as big or bigger than the parents were when I bought them home from the fair.

The fish in this video are the same four I brought home from the fair three years ago.

Haschi, Hoggle, Henry and Sushi

You can clearly see the breeding stars in the two boys.

Anyway just got a phone with slow motion and usually Comets are so fast so figured I'd slow them down lol

Enjoy :)

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I love your tank and fish. :wub:

The fry look great!

Thanks fantail.

The largest of the fry is actually a few inches long total. I'll try to get a video of them when I'm doing a water change and easier to see

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Beautiful! I especially love the white one :)


The white baby one is the only one with any defect. It was born without one of the gill plates.

And that's the only one named so far. Named it Moto

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