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Feeding the gang


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so Im not sure what to be feeding my fishies......I'm looking for some help to decide on a feeding schedule/meal plan for my fish


foods they currently have;


Fluval spirulina pellets

Nutrafin Shrimp pellets

Frozen blood worms

Nutrafin Max Goldfish food


and today I purchased Repashy (spelling?) Super Green


I have tried fresh veggies and such with no luck.



right now I feed them twice a day and my roommate feeds them when I am not home (about 1 pellet each as he knows not to overfeed them but enjoys watching them eat and beg for food, I trust him and know he will not overfeed)


I have no set rotation or anything....mostly I think they eat the Nutrafun Max Goldfish food and the others are thrown into the mix a few times a week. and now with the repashy Im totally lost......please :help:


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They can do just fine on Repashy Super Green and Frozen Bloodworms. :) However, it's all up to you what you want to feed, as long as it's sinking food. A good rotation keeps things interesting.


If you could weigh your fish, that would help to determine how much to feed in a day, since they should be getting 1% of their bodyweight in dry food per day or 2-3% in gel food.

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Thanks for the advise, all my pellets are the sinking kind so no floaty issues with any fish.

I do not have scales to weight my fish so I just feed as much as I think they should eat.

I made my first batch of repashy today, they all liked it, they sure can eat a lot of it quickly! I found mine was quite crumbly though I might try to make it different next time.

Do you think they should eat the repashy as a main diet and interchange the other foods once a day....so day one repashy in the morning GF pellets mid day and repashy in the evening then the next day do blood worms instead of the GF pellets?

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