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Best food for fry? Need answer ASAP.


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grind the pellets you feed your adults down into a powder . . . .

The above would take care of it all.  No need to spend extra money, no need to stress.  :)


Now everybody play nice!


Good Luck.  :D


There is a large extra expense caring for 60 fish.



Never said I was going to keep all of them. My godfather has a 4,500g koi/goldfish pond and a 200g aquarium. He said that he'd be happy to take a lot of them off my hands once they grow up in the 100g I have. After that, the ones he's taking will grow up into the 200g and then get transferred to the pond.


My question was what food I could use for the fry. I didn't ask for criticism on my ability to take care of my fish.  :D

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I just culled when I could seen clear deformities. When I had a full batch of fry, I had to do it twice. 


Ok, thank you! Everyone looks good right now. Big, fat bellies and they're getting bigger and more active. There are some fry that hatched later than the others, so they're smaller, but they're still fat and are super active. Now, my accident is that the 20gL is full to the top with water. I haven't put it halfway. I heard that it's better for them to have a tank that has a lower water level. The fry are swimming just fine from top to bottom of the tank. There's one big fry that's larger than all the others. This one swims very well and fast, and it looks like it's already growing a dorsal.

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