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New Pearlscale and Candy Corn's One Year! [Big Pictures]


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Here is my new baby Pearlscale, named Jolly like the Jolly Green Giant! He's currently living in a storage bin the other two were in before I got my new tank, and will be going to live in the 20g at school with me while he grows up! He's currently smaller than a quarter. Candy Corn would eat him for breakfast. 





Here is a link to him "mouthing off" in a Vine. He really hates floral prints.  :teehee



And to wrap it all up, here are two majestic pictures of Candy Corn, my "fantail" I got a year ago who used to be a fish bowl fish! Now he's happy in a 40g with my other baby Jelly Bean.





And an angry Jelly Bean for being left out, hehe. 



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Thank you! Candy Corn is a very perky fish, he loves to have his fins all alert. My mother says he looks like a shark all the time, aha. I wish I had a clearer picture of Jelly Bean's face for you, the part by her mouth is starting to look a little like acne since she has a ton of little bubbles right now.  :teehee She's putting her growth into her head and Candy Corn's is all in the belly.


I am very excited to see what colors Jolly turns into myself - I was willing to gamble on another orange fish because I loved his silly head too much.

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You have very beautiful fish! can you post a before picture of Candy Corn and Jelly Bean?






Day I brought Candy Corn home, aka the start of serious fish keeping. He was out of this and in a 10g (I know, I know) within three weeks.






Bad pictures, but I had them. Candy Corn finally getting his Ryukin belly.




First day in the 20g. Compare to




Start of Jelly Bean's wen!



Here is also a little Jelly Bean Vine, and a little Candy Corn one! Hope these are okay to link.

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