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Goldfish Variety "Peduncle and Tail"


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If your fish showed a curve from the dorsal to the end of the peduncle and tail its like a Ranchu, But with a dorsal fin , its give a looks like Wakin , Ryukin i don't know really still confused , i will capture a photo to make it clear .

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we don't really view the peduncle from the angle of which you posted. aesthetically, there are so many clues given to determine what the fish is/will be, rather than reduce our options to just the 'peduncle'. there are a few fish that are a mutation of the Wakin.. some of which do have a dorsal, others which don't.


it is sometimes impossible to tell the actual type of fish, without knowing it's breeding background. it is also very common to miss-categorize due to the large number of fancy goldfish currently available on the market, as well as ones inbred. or that they are too young and underdeveloped at the time of inquiry.




^photo copied from 'Goldfish Guide' third edition - Authors: Dr Yoshiichi Matsui and Dr Herbert R. Axelrod.

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Thanks Helen to whats you give me , that mean its hardly to categorize from the things i mentioned , since its not well known parents .

Might i kept a fish with deformity because am not culling at all , i got a picture for one of them its not that good quality photo.


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