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Large white bump. Kinda like a whitehead.


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Helen: how do you want to share the autopsy video? I'd really like to see it. I'm using tapatalk right now, but will update my profile with my Skype info later today.

Alternatively, I've created an email alias, tgxdnutjtq@snkmail.com. You could send me a download URL there. (I don't mind sharing it because I can delete immediately after, and not get spammed)

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Thanks. I really appreciate it.

It certainly looks to a layperson like me like cancer. A few cancerous cells get carried to other parts of the body and take hold when a tumor metastasizes. Only a wild guess; I doubt there are many fish oncologists in the world.

Given what I've seen, my tendency will be to not inflict the knife, as I'm seeing very similar things in my fish. I'd rather not inflict trauma when there doesn't seem to be a quality of life improvement. (I'm not criticizing what you did; I'm just trying to use what you've learned and shared.)

And I totally agree with trying to find out what went wrong. I am starting to see fish keeping as a continual exercise in 'how do I suck less next time', and there is always room for improvement.

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